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Tax Preparation Services means:

  • preparation of tax forms;
  • tax calculation;
  • representation before a tax authority by an Insured authorized to practice before such authority, in a tax collection or tax audit matter in connection with sub-paragraphs 1. or 2. above; or
  • services performed as a notary public; but only performed in connection with Professional Services.

Bookkeeping Services means:

  • recording numerical data in order to develop and maintain financial records;
  • maintaining a general ledger and posting adjusting journal entries;
  • preparing bank deposits;
  • compiling data from cashiers to verify and balance receipts;
  • verifying documents for mathematical accuracy and proper codes;
  • balancing and reconciling billing vouchers;
  • posting transactions in journals and on computer files and updating files as needed;
  • reviewing computer printouts against manually maintained journals and making necessary corrections;
  • reconciling computer reports and operations reports; and
  • preparation and processing of payroll.

This Policy does not apply to or provide coverage for:

  • activities other than Professional Services, including, but not limited to, the giving of tax advice or counsel or the selection or making of any irrevocable election(s) on such returns;
  • any Claim based on or arising out of representations made or opinions rendered by an Insured in connection with the performance or nonperformance of securities, tax shelters, mutual funds, real estate or other investments;
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